About Camoni



Camoni is a unique non-profit social network and the first of its kind in Israel, aimed to empower patients with chronic diseases and their family members.

Camoni is part of a growing global network of digital tools availing users with professional knowledge and advice together with social network access in order to facilitate problem solving, emotional support and sharing. The platform provides a variety of social and professional tools for coping with chronic health conditions, among them reliable, professional content, conversation walls, groups for counseling and sharing, blogs, medical news and updates, and healthcare professionals who voluntarily contribute time to lead the various communities and provide counselling to patients with chronic diseases and their families.

Among the many communities using the Camoni platform today are patients with Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, pain, obesity, stroke, hypertension, attention deficit disorders, kidney disease, eating disorders, multiple sclerosis, spinal disorders, respiratory disorders, Crohn’s disease and colitis, depression and anxiety disorders, osteoporosis, war and terrorist attack-related post-traumatic disorders, hyperactive bladder disorders, psoriasis, joint disorders, breast cancer, Sjogren’s syndrome, ovarian cancer, colon cancer and multiple myeloma.

The website was established in 2009 by Prof. Mordechai Sani and the Gertner Institute - a national research institute for the study of epidemiology & health policy research in Israel.